Artificial insemination (AI)

The artificial insemination treatment consists essentially of the artificial placing of sperm in the uterus, which can be from her partner (conjugal artificial insemination) or from a semen donor (donor artificial insemination). The latter is used mainly for women without a partner or with a partner with reproduction problems, determined after adequate laboratory procedure.

Artificial insemination is a simple procedure and a maximum of four cycles are usually performed before resorting to more complex methods.Artificial insemination is a painless procedure and only a routine gynecological examination is required. Its results vary depending on the diagnosis and the semen characteristics.

Our accrued pregnancy rate after 4 artificial insemination cycles is of 60% for conjugal artificial insemination and of 80% for donor artificial insemination. The variations are explained by the diagnosis and evolution of every patient. Thanks to our broad and expert medical team and the latest reproductive technologies, UR Mexico City is a leading clinic in the artificial insemination treatment in Mexico.

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