What makes UR Mexico City the best option?

Our location

UR Mexico City is located in an easily accessible and safe area at the south of Mexico City. In addition, it is close to hospital centers and has its own valet parking.

Quality of treatments

The diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of human reproduction that are carried out day by day, adhere to the current scientific guidelines. The quality control of the reproduction biology laboratory follows the current standards of control according to the standardized protocols in our centers in Spain and is sponsored by the headquarters in Alicante, UR Vistahermosa. That is how we achieve that our patients benefit in their treatments from a constant flow of knowledge, quality in the service and results, in both directions between UR Ciudad de México and UR Vistahermosa, Spain.


For us, each couple and each person deserve a different treatment. Therefore, a personalized treatment based on direct and clear communication, is essential in the success and satisfaction of our patients.

Multidisciplinary team

Our team, widely professionalized and experienced, covers all areas of assisted reproduction. Since it is integrated by gynecologists, reproductive biologists, geneticists, embryologists, andrologists, anesthesiologists, nurses, administrative, among others.

Our success percentages

Thanks to our professionals and the innovative techniques that are carried out, our success rates are higher than the average according to the pregnancy rates published by the main international assisted reproduction centers.