First appointment

When you have contacted us through any of our platforms and have set your first appointment, you must provide us with all the information you have, as well as any clinical history available, including tests and treatments, if any.

The above is extremely important to have all the information possible and consider the adequate treatment.


The medical team will generate your clinical history, stressing your reproductive background and the treatments received. It will be followed by a gynecological examination, with vaginal ultrasound, and complemented with the following tests:

  • Hormone analyses
  • Serology of infections
  • Karyotype
  • Cervicovaginal exudate cultures
  • Hysterosalpingography

In some specific cases, a hysteroscopy or a laparoscopy will be performed, based on the test findings.


A sperm analysis will be ordered to determine the semen quality, a karyotype and serology of infections tests. This diagnosis can be complemented with additional tests, like the sperm DNA fragmentation test or Fish in semen.

Complements to the first visit

To prevent any questions about the treatment and its costs, we provide at all times accurate information about the progress of the procedures and the purpose of each test ordered. Our intention is that you feel always confident and reassured.

Once the diagnosis is made for the cause of infertility, we will determine the best reproductive technique to be used, and after providing you with all the information required, we will obtain a specific informed consent of both members of the couple.

Information of the process given by the medical staff

Before performing any technique, the couple will receive complete information of the process from:

  • The reproductive gynecologist who will explain the treatment guidelines, as well as the potential underlying risks.
  • The reproductive nurse who will give the instructions concerning medications.


As soon as the treatment has been determined, our administrative staff will provide all the administrative information of the costs of the technique proposed and the medications used, including the complementary tests ordered, for your acceptance.

In some cases, a single visit may not be sufficient to fulfill all the above steps. Should this be the case, we will set up a second visit.