Mexico and Spain united in favor of assisted reproduction

With more than 20 years of experience, Mexican and Spanish experts join efforts to treat human reproduction disorders.

hla-grupo-hospitalario The Spanish Hospital Group HLA, affiliate of ASISA, through the UR specialized reproduction clinics, to this date has 10 clinics in Spain, with the headquarters located in Alicante, Spain. clinica-vistahermosa_unidad-reproduccion_alicante_web

The Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México, which will become an international center of reference, will start its clinical activities in the month of October. The need of assisted reproduction treatments has increased dramatically in recent years in our country.

With the mission of offering effective assisted reproduction treatments through the optimization of cutting-edge human and technological resources, the intention was to combine the clinical, technological, and scientific know-how of Mexican professionals in Human Reproduction Medicine with the experience of Spanish professionals, who within the last 30 years consolidated 10 Reproduction Units in Spain.

unidad-de-reproduccion-ciudad-de-mexico_dr-juan-carlos-hinojosa_web The Reproduction Unit (UR) Ciudad de México has state-of-the-art facilities and technology in its medical consultations, areas of procedures, and andrology, genetics, and embryology laboratories, where qualified and certified specialists in gynecology, human reproduction medicine, and embryology will perform complex procedures and techniques to solve infertility problems and other reproductive disorders.


UR Ciudad de México will be an international center of reference that will start its activities in October 2016.

We invite you to the opening of UR Ciudad de México that will take place on Saturday October 6 at 16:00 pm. The ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 5.00 p.m.

Present in the ceremony will be Álvaro Martínez Arroyo, Operations Director, and Luis Mayero Franco, Executive Director of ASISA Group and HLA Group of Spain. Representatives of the Embassy of Spain in Mexico will also attend this opening ceremony, as well as directors and representatives of other Reproduction Centers of Ciudad de México and other cities of the Mexican Republic. The hosting directors and medical partners will be José Jesús López Gálvez, Executive Director of UR Group and Director of the Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa Clinic of Alicante, Spain, Juan Carlos Hinojosa Cruz, and Víctor Saúl Reyes of UR Mexico City.

“Personalized treatment, experience, and state-of-the-art technological resources guarantee our results”

UR Mexico City opens its doors at Rio Mixcoac 274 ground floor, between Amores St. and Calle 3 St. in the Acacias neighborhood

with phone 55241319,


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