Ovule vitrification allows fertility deferral

The vitrification technique consists of freezing the oocytes and thus offer the possibility to put off maternity for all those women interested in doing so.

juan-carlos-hinojosa_director-clinico_unidad-de-reproduccion-ciudad-de-mexico_fertilidad-mexico_web-dic-2016 With all the changes seen in our society, women now look for the ideal time to get pregnant. Some seek to achieve their professional development first, others to have a couple in a stable relationship, or simply put, to find the most adequate moment for them. In some others, the underlying cause is a health problem, such as cancer.

The only drawback when waiting for that proper time is that the biological clock of women continue ticking, leading them to resort to an alternative so that they can eventually achieve a pregnancy with the fewest problems possible, after they are 35 years of age, as was explained by Juan Carlos Hinojosa, M.D., clinical director of the Reproduction Unit.

This procedure provides the benefit of maintaining the age of the ovules despite the passage of dra-jennifer-sedglach_ur-ciudad-de-mexico_reproduccion-asistida-mexico_fertilidad-mexico_web-2016time and of avoiding their deterioration before the presence of some diseases, like endometriosis, ovarian surgery, or even in cancer patients who must undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as was stated by Jennifer Sedglach, M.D., physician in the Reproduction Unit.

At this moment in time, it is possible to become parents even after a cancer treatment and its remission. Thus the importance of being aware of all the alternatives available to preserve fertility.