The UR Ciudad de México participates in the National Meeting of Reproduction held in Vallarta

Dr. Manuel Lloret represented the center for the consensus of a study of the infertile couple, therapeutic guidelines and legal aspects.

dr-manuel-lloret_unidad-de-reproduccion-vistahermosa_congreso-vallarta-mexico_fertilidad-mexico_2016 Dr. Manuel Lloret Ferrándiz, head of Gynecology at the UR Hospital HLA Vistahermosa in Alicante (Spain) and advisor to the UR Ciudad de México team, participated in the National Meeting of Reproductive Medicine in the Health Sector of the Mexican Republic , held in Vallarta (Jalisco) between September 2 and 4, with the presentation “Optimization of the protocol. Diagnosis and therapeutic guidelines in infertility “.

The specialist was in charge of teaching the Opening Conference “Reproduction Medicine, beyond Assisted Reproduction”, besides acting as coordinator of the different sessions.

According to Lloret explains, the objective of this forum of experts was to provide a space for academic and cultural ur-ciudad-de-mexico_fertilidad-mexico_fiv-mexico_ovodonacion-mexico_reproduccion-asistida_web interaction of obstetrician gynecologists, responsible of the area of ​​Infertility at different hospitals from the Health Sector in Mexico, in order to agree on a protocol for the study of the infertile couple, as well as the different therapeutic guidelines and institutional medical aspects in the practice of Human Reproduction Medicine.

“The program fulfilled the planned objectives, being placed to collaborate in future meetings, where professionals from the HLA Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit will participate, in their commitment to the training, excellence and efficiency of Reproductive Medicine”, says the doctor.