UR Ciudad de México acquires the PrimoVision system

jose-andres-aviles_embriologo_tratamientos-fertilidad_unidad-reproduccion-ciudad-de-mexico_2016 One of the most important aspects to achieve a successful pregnancy through the assisted reproduction techniques is to select the most adequate embryo, one with optimal quality, maximum implantation capacity, and that can result in a healthy baby.

José Andrés Avilés Martí, embryologist of the Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México, mentions that the embryo assessment methods in the in vitro fertilization laboratory, have evolved in the last 20 years. Particularly relevant has been the implementation of the time-lapse technology to assess the cultured embryos.

What does this innovating technology consist of?

PrimoVision is a time-lapse system that consists of taking pictures in multiple focal planes and at prescheduled intervals of the different embryos. In this way, a robust software adds up the pictures of each embryo, generating a recording to view continuously the embryo development. In this way, the embryologists have more information for the correct embryo selection and thus enhance the pregnancy possibilities.

What are the benefits for the patients?

Higher pregnancy rates: his system makes it possible to assess division times, a key aspect for the embryo. Gaining knowledge of the exact moment when the embryo first divisions occur is essential to select the best embryo available. time-lapse-primo-vision_reproduccion-asistida-ur-mexico_2016

Decrease in multiple pregnancies: : through the best embryo selection, there is a reduction in the number of embryos transferred and, consequently, in the risk of a multiple pregnancy.

Indicated in couples with previous miscarriages or recurrent implantation failures . With the additional information provided by this system, we can detect morphological abnormalities in the embryo that otherwise would go unnoticed.

Better quality embryos . The stress caused on the embryo is minimized, because there is no need to remove them from the incubator to assess them.

Detailed explanation . We show to our patients the embryo development with personalized videos, so that they may understand how the selection was made.