Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México invites reproduction embryologists to the first interactive event on this topic

As part of the continuous medical education in the field of assisted reproduction therapy guidelines, together with the Merck pharmaceutical company and the medical team of the Unidad de Reproducción Ciudad de México, the online event called “Topics of interest in Reproductive Embryology” will take place on February 24.

The main program of UR Ciudad de México revolves around three topics of interest: quality control of the embryology laboratory, morphological blastocyte examination, and freezing updating”.

Juan Carlos Hinojosa Cruz, M.D. and Víctor Saúl Vital Reyes, M.D., responsible of the gynecology area and management of UR Ciudad de México were in charge of coordinating the program. The agenda included the physical participation of 23 reputed embryologists of the main Reproduction Centers Ciudad de México and two invited professors of Spain, led by Juan Manuel Moreno, responsible of the laboratory area of UR Vistahermosa Clinic.

The topics of interest on reproduction embryology included 3 lectures about quality control of the reproduction laboratory, the embryo morphological examination, and updating in gamete freezing, topicos-de-interes-en-embriologia-reproductiva_ur-ciudad-de-mexico_reproduccion-asistida-mexico_febrero-2017_web given by the embryologists Juan Manuel Moreno and Andrés Avilés of the Reproduction Unit Vistahermosa Clinic of Alicante, España.

The great expectations generated by this 1st meeting was evident in the high volume of online questions made by colleagues from North America, the Mexican Republic, and South America. All those present in the act, as well as the online participants, felt very satisfied with the topics dealt with.