Opening of UR Ciudad de México in the main mass media of Alicante, Spain

dr-jose-jesus-lopez-galvez_ur-vistahermosa_director-grupo-ur_ur-mexico_reproduccion-asistida-mexico_2016 UR Ciudad de México, an assisted reproduction unit that is part of UR Group, is the leading character in a special article published in Diario Información (Alicante, Spain, and in its digital version, for the opening and launch of activities, stressing its strategic location in Mexico City.

This leading printed and online newspaper of the province of Alicante supports the bet of UR Group on globalization. It stresses in its article that thanks to more than 30 years of experience and optimal results with thousands of patients treated all these years for their fertility problems, thanks to the team of professionals and to their confidence in innovation and state-of-the-art technology, they have achieved their dream of having a baby.

This article outlines all the values that all the Assisted Reproduction Units rely on, acto-inauguracion-ur-ciudad-de-mexico_reproduccion-asistida-mexico_espana_equipo-humano_oct-2016 lead by UR Vistahermosa, and that are also reflected in UR Ciudad de México. The best professionals, the cutting-edge treatments, the latest generation technology, both in facilities and in medical equipment, complemented by continuous education and the personalized treatment characterized by confidence and honesty, are the building blocks for this new Unit in Mexico.

Accordingly, and as is highlighted in the news, UR group looks forward to continue offering the best service to our patients, and as of now also in Mexico, facilitating the coverage for the Americas.

Read the full article by clicking here:UR Ciudad de México en la Prensa de España (Alicante)