Education in reproductive medicine and genetics

catedra-biomedicina-reproductiva-ur The Reproduction Unit (UR) Ciudad de México is pleased to announce the opening on next October 7 of the XVI training program in Reproductive Medicine and Genetics organized by the School of Reproductive Biomedicine of the Spanish University Miguel Hernández.

The Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México and the University Miguel Hernández have entered into a teaching collaboration agreement. Some of the professionals of the Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México participate in this program.

The most important activity of this top quality university education program is the Master’s Course on Reproductive Medicine and ur-ciudad-de-mexico_consultorio-pacientes_tratamientos-reproduccion-asistida-mexico Genetics. Upon its completion, the students obtain a degree from the Miguel Hernández University. This university is located in the province of Alicante, an emblematic municipality in the White Coast (Mediterranean) and that belongs to the Spanish university public system.

ur-ciudad-de-mexico_dr-felipe-compean_webThanks to this program, close to two hundred professionals have been trained in assisted human reproduction, not only from Spain but also of other countries like Mexico, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Venezuela, France, and Portugal. In a near future, the Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México will welcome students of this education program.

For further information about the master’s course, please download: