Tratamientos fertilidad

Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México invites reproduction embryologists to the first interactive event on this topic

As part of the continuous medical education in the field of assisted reproduction therapy guidelines, together with the Merck pharmaceutical company and the medical team of the Unidad de Reproducción Ciudad de México, the online event called “Topics of interest in Reproductive Embryology” will take place on February 24. The main program of UR Ciudad […]

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017

The Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México wishes you the very best on these holidays, hoping you spend happy times with your beloved ones. We hope that you see all your dreams fulfilled and that this next year 2017 brings you your long-awaited desire: have a baby. We sincerely desire that UR Ciudad de México is […]

Ovule vitrification allows fertility deferral

The vitrification technique consists of freezing the oocytes and thus offer the possibility to put off maternity for all those women interested in doing so. With all the changes seen in our society, women now look for the ideal time to get pregnant. Some seek to achieve their professional development first, others to have a […]

UR Ciudad de México acquires the PrimoVision system

One of the most important aspects to achieve a successful pregnancy through the assisted reproduction techniques is to select the most adequate embryo, one with optimal quality, maximum implantation capacity, and that can result in a healthy baby. José Andrés Avilés Martí, embryologist of the Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México, mentions that the embryo assessment […]

The Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México opens its doors. Your dream of having a baby, one step closer

Last Saturday October 8, the Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México held its opening ceremony. The Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México starts its activities with the purpose of becoming a national and international center of reference, with the work of the best-acknowledged specialists in the field and the most innovating and successful techniques in fertility treatments. […]

Mexico and Spain united in favor of assisted reproduction

With more than 20 years of experience, Mexican and Spanish experts join efforts to treat human reproduction disorders. The Spanish Hospital Group HLA, affiliate of ASISA, through the UR specialized reproduction clinics, to this date has 10 clinics in Spain, with the headquarters located in Alicante, Spain. The Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México, which will […]

Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México opens its doors on October 3

Next October 3, the Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México opens its activities in its conveniently located facilities for all the patients who want to make their dream of having a baby come true. The assisted reproduction center is the result of great efforts and the culmination of the illusions of so many stakeholders. Its sole […]

Education in reproductive medicine and genetics

The Reproduction Unit (UR) Ciudad de México is pleased to announce the opening on next October 7 of the XVI training program in Reproductive Medicine and Genetics organized by the School of Reproductive Biomedicine of the Spanish University Miguel Hernández. The Reproduction Unit Ciudad de México and the University Miguel Hernández have entered into a teaching […]

Age does influence to be a mother

The delay of motherhood leads women and couples to turn to fertility treatments. Stress and life habits are other factors that negatively affect conception. The current society in which we are immersed favors the increase of problems in human reproduction. Although infertility affects men and women equally, the age of female fertility has a far-reaching […]